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Here at La BIO IDEA, we represent dedicated passionate producers of organic, Mediteranean, high quality products. Our organic products are produced on sunny Sicily and in other Mediterranean regions where tradition and craftsmanship are still the pride of the companies. Producing organic is a natural way of farming.

New: Gluten free pulsespasta

La BIO IDEA proudly presents you an alternative for our Sicilian pasta made of durum wheat: pasta made of pulses: Lentils and Chickpeas & Corn. Our producer is situated in Northern Italy and has a wide experience with the production of high quality pasta. The new pasta's are naturally gluten free, organic and rich in fibre and protein. Soon available in your organic health food store!

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La BIO IDEA Chickpeas are number 1

According to Dutch newspaper "De Volkskrant", La BIO IDEA organic chickpeas are the best chickpeas available in The Netherlands. In the test section, a panel of urban chefs tasted 9 different brands of chickpeas. The first place was for La BIO IDEA. If you can read Dutch, click on this link in order to read the full article. Our La BIO IDEA chickpeas are available in most organic shops in Europe.

All our packaging BPA free!

Good news about our bean and tomatoes. Since new crop production, the packaging of these products, such as cans and caps of glass jars and bottles are free of BPA. BPA is a substance which is regularly used in product packaging to ensure product quality and lifetime. However, this subastance has been contentious for the last couple of years, because of bad effects for health. To avoid any health risk, the producers of La BIO IDEA decides to pack all products exclusively into packaging which is free of BPA. Between the moment of production and sales in shops can be a couple of months, so it can be possible that one or two products are still available in packaging with BPA. 

Bye bye, bean!

Three of our succesful bean products will become part of a new family soon. Our close organic friends from Amaizin will adopt the three not-Italian beans in our La BIO IDEA assortment. It's concerning the La BIO IDEA Baked beans, Black beans and the Aduki beans. Bye bye, bean! Visit for more information!


New recipe for balsamico crema

At La BIO IDEA we always strive to offer the purest, best tasting organic Italian products. Therefore we have decided to replace our current La BIO IDEA crema, which contains some sugar, with a new recipe without any added sugar and with a superbe taste.
Our new crema is produced by the Lorenzi family, also responsible for our delicious balsamico vinegars, using only organic ingredients that come from their own land.The thick syrup, made with Balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP, is delicious on salads, carpaccio, meat, vegetables, desserts or just dipping your bread in…. Once you have tasted it, you can not stop eating!


Italian rice in new packaging!

We have decided to introduce a more environmental friendly packaging for our La BIO IDEA Italian Carnaroli (perfect for risotto) and Originario (perfect for every day) rices.

As from February 2016 we will pack these rices in compostable foil with compostable labels. Of course the good quality and taste of these products will remain the same!

New: Orzo

Orzo (also known as Risoni) is a tiny, dried shape of pasta looking like rice grains. According to the Italians, the grains look like barley. For this reason the product is called Orzo, which means barley in Italian. This is a well known pasta variety in most countries arround the Mediterranean Sea. In Israel it is known as 'ptim', in Greece they call it 'kritharáki' and in Turkey 'arpa ┼čehriye'. Also in Arabia the product is well known.
La Bio Idea Orzo
On Sicily, origin of La BIO IDEA Orzo, people use the product in soup. But there are many more ways to prepare Orzo. For example as a pasta with a richt tomato sauce or pesto. Or as pilav with grilled vegetables. But above all, this product is very suitable to use for a quick risotto, called orzotto. 

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New recipe La BIO IDEA wine vinegars

Good news for people with allergies! We have improved the recipe of our wine vinegars; They are now without any sulphites!

New design La BIO IDEA Balsamic Vinegar and Condimento Bianco!

Our La BIO IDEA balsamic vinegar and condimento bianco are produced according to old tradition by a small family company in Modena , Italy. The balsamic vinegar is aged in oak barrels for at least 5 years, which gives it an extraordinary delicate, sweet taste. These products have a fresh, new look!

Recent introduction: La BIO IDEA Tagliolini

Recently we have introduced a new variety of egg pasta: La BIO IDEA Tagliolini, a very thin ribbon-shaped egg pasta. This classic noodle from the Emilia-Romagna region is not only delicious in Italian dishes. Did you know Tagliolini is also a perfect base for many Asian dishes? The ingredients and production method are similar to the traditional Chinese thin wheat noodles, which gives you endless possibilities to experiment


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Our organic farmers cultivate products naturally, without artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides & our organic certified products are also processed naturally, without chemical treatments and additives. More info: visit


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